Manshead Super Curricular

  • The Manshead Super Curricular is designed to increase the understanding and links between curriculum subjects and the world around us.
  • It is hoped it will enhance the genuine love of learning through investigation, exploration and discovery in other environments. It will also support the skills learnt in school and enable you to utilise them, which is increasingly important in education.
  • We hope all students and families will engage with and enjoy the super curricular; there is a real benefit in students experiencing things independently, being curious and inquisitive.

On this page, we have listed a number of activities per year group. We would like you to achieve as many of these activities as possible over the academic year and evidence yourself doing them. At the bottom of this page is a template you can use to show photos of what you have achieved and a few words explaining how you accomplished it.

Good luck and have fun!

EnglishMathsScienceHumanitiesLanguageThe Arts
Year 7 Activities1. Go to the theatre

2. Take part in a writing challenge

3. Visit Roald Dahl Museum

4. Write a poem about your favourite hobby, place or pet

1. Visit Bletchley Park and take a picture with the coding machine

2. Enter a Maths competition

3. Draw your own garden to scale (use 1cm:1m)

4. Play Time Table Rock Stars

5. Visit a theme park and find the speeds of 3 rides

6. Play – Play “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” Maths games

1. Read a scientific publication

2. Visit the Science Museum and take a selfie in the space exploration part of the museum

3. Take part in National Science Week

4. Attend the Big Bang fair

5. Visit the Magna Science adventure

1. Visit the National History Museum and take a selfie with a blue whale.

2. Visit a geographical site

3. Visit a church and find out 5 facts about it

4. Watch all episodes of Planet Earth

5. Visit Berkhamsted Motte & Bailey Castle

6. Talk to someone of a different faith to you about your beliefs

1. Watch a film in a different language

2. Visit a country where a different language is spoken

3. Adapt a song into French/Spanish and perform it

4. Complete interactive online learning through

1. Watch a professional competitive game of football

2. Visit an art gallery

3. Go to a concert

4. Create a flip book

5. Perform in the school production

Year 8 Activities1. Find three Blue Plaques of famous authors and take a selfie

2. Read a book then watch a film based on the book

3. Visit Stratford upon Avon

4. Create a new set of lyrics for an old song you know

1. Exchange some foreign currency into UK pounds

2. Record the total time of your five favourite songs

3. Draw a scaled plan drawing of a room in your house (use 1cm:1m) and put some scaled furniture in it.

4. Take a picture of 10 different sized cuboids. Put the cuboids into size order, largest first

5. Play Time Table Rock Stars

6. Visit a theme park and find the speed of 3 rides

1. Visit an observatory

2. Plant seeds and make observations of germination

3. Visit Rushmere Park, Wendover Woods, Tring Reservoirs or College Lake and investigate warrens, nests, frog spawn and tracks

4. Visit the Jodrell Bank discovery centre

5. Visit the Eden Project

6. Visit the Bristol Science Centre

7. Visit Bodyworld London

1. Read the National Geographic

2. Visit a National park

3. Visit the UK coastline and bring back a shell or coastal shingle

4. Visit St Paul’s Cathedral

5. Watch the film Africa United

6. Take part in an event or do something independently to help the environment

1. Go to a supermarket and take a picture of as many French/Spanish items as you can

2. Find a blank map of France and label the 10 biggest cities

3. Visit a French/Spanish market

4. Learn a Latin dance with friends or family

5. Create a comic in French/Spanish

1. Visit the Body worlds museum

2. Make a Google banner for your favourite artist

3. Draw a cartoon strip

4. Attend an extra-curricular group such as choir, orchestra or drama club

Year 9 Activities1. Go to the local library

2. Read a novel by any Children’s Laureate

3. Research the actor Mark Rylance and watch the movie Bridge of Spies

4. Visit the Roman Theatre Festival

5. Write the lyrics for a song

1. Create a chart representing data on 5 different YouTube channel total views or total followers of 5 famous people

2. Watch a sport and record how many times your favourite player is involved

3. Calculate the circumference and area of a bike or car wheel

4. Visit a theme park and find the speed of 3 rides and the length of the ride in metres. Find the time taken on that ride. State any assumptions.

1. Visit Tring Natural History Museum and take a selfie with a dodo

2. Find and identify common trees growing in the UK

3. Find out how vinegar and baking powder can be used to make a volcano

4. Visit the National Space Centre in Leicester

5. Visit Bletchley Park

1. Visit the Whipsnade Tree cathedral

2. Visit a town or village and find a statue of a famous person

3. Use google earth to find your house and nine other places you have visited

4. Read the book or watch the film, Goodnight Mister Tom

1. Compile a list of English words that were directly borrowed from the French/Spanish Language such as café and then do it the other way around such as le football

2. Download a French/Spanish food menu and work out what you and family would eat

3. Find out which town your town is twinned with and whether they organise any events

1. Visit a national stadium

2. Do some origami

3. Draw your family tree

4. Play for a school team

5. Help make the set for a school performance

6. Make a scrapbook with pictures and quotes of performers who inspire you

Year 10 Activities1. Attend a performance at the globe theatre

2. Write a poem in blank verse with one capping couplet

3. Choose a novel to read with one of your parents/carers

4. Visit the Roman Theatre Festival

5. Create your own blog, podcast or video about something you care about

1. Google and take a picture of the Fibonacci pattern in real life

2. Measure the temperature every day and calculate the average

3. Find the surface area of a cuboid (cereal box, etc.) and state the units (metres, cm or mm).


5. Measure the time it takes you to get to school every day in a week and calculate the mean, mode, median and range. State any assumptions.

1. Visit Aylesbury museum and take a selfie with mammoths tusk

2. Find a muntjac, deer or Badger track

3. Carry out an investigation into factors that affect how much sugar will dissolve in water.

4. Visit Royal Society Summer Science Exhibiiton

5. Visit the Star centre in Keighley

1. Visit a mosque or a temple

2. Visit a war memorial

3. Watch a history film and produce a review

4. Find an example of a sedimentary rock

5. Visit Hampton Court

6. Visit the Tower of London

7. Read the book, I am Malala or watch the film

1. Photograph yourself next to an object or in a place linked to France/Spain

2. Complete Interactive online learning through

3. Find out the current Top 10 chart in France/Spain and listen to all the songs

4. Change the language settings on your favourite console game to French/Spanish

1. Visit the Freud Museum

2. Draw a caricature

3. Create a flip book

4. Visit the V&A Museum

5. Write a script for a performance

Year 11 Activities1. Write an original short story

2. Visit the Sherlock Holmes museum

3. Read a novel by Marcus Sedgwick

4. Learn a poem by heart

1. Take a photo of 5 different places/items that use percentages

2. Calculate the total time you spend on social media in day (24 hours).

3. Find 6 pictures from the real world of parallel lines

4. Data collection – Estimate the volume of your home’s recycling and non-recycling in a week.Analyse the information and give conclusions

1. Visit a zoo or an aquarium and get a photo with your favourite animal

2. Collect water samples from different areas and use a microscope to compare organisms living in each

3. Picture an Owl pellet

4. Explore CERN

5. Visit the Royal observatory Greenwich London

1. Donate to a charity

2. Volunteer for 2 hours

3. Visit the Imperial war museum

4. Visit the Oxford museum of natural history

5. Play geoguessr and achieve 15000 points

6. Visit RAF Hendon

7. Watch the film, Remember the Titans

1. Complete 10 French/Spanish lessons on

2. Research the 100 most commonly used words in French/Spanish

3. Listen to French/Spanish radio

4. Adapt a game such as UNO into French/Spanish and play with your friends or family

1. Visit a gym and take part in weight training

2. Draw a pet portrait

3. Take a close up photo of a butterfly

4. Compose some music for a performance

5. Plan and serve a meal for your family from scratch